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Delve into the business aspect of facilitators and trainers. Featuring interviews with professionals discussing topics such as finances, pricing, scaling, marketing, and client management. New episodes fortnightly.

Hosted by Kirsty Lewis

Hosted by Kirsty Lewis

Founder of School of Facilitation

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Ep. 18 – The Power of Niching and How to Do It

In this episode, Cat Hase and I talk about finding our niches and how to discover and refine your niche. We share the value of networking, seeking external validation, and conversing with others to gain clarity. Cat reminds us to stay open to opportunities outside of the niche and the importance of aligning the niche with personal values and interests.

Ep. 17 – The Evolving Journey of a Freelancer

In today’s episode, Kirsty and Claire Vintiner discuss various aspects of freelancing, including valuing oneself and one’s work, reframing budgets, setting boundaries, and having great client conversations.

Ep 16 – If you build it, they will come: Creating a business on a solid pipeline (and PR) with Ged Futter

In this conversation, Ged shares with me his journey of leaving the world of retail and starting his own business. We discuss the challenges he faced in his early years and how he managed to overcome them.

Ep. 15 – Are you a business or a project shop? with James Gairdner

In this episode two parts of the conversation with James jumped out at me.

The first is his challenge to me as to whether I run a project shop or a business.

The second was a quote from Elliot Jacques which suggests the way we construct our businesses is a mirror of our psychology.

Ep. 14 – I left because of a sandwich: from corporate to associate to B:Corp business

This episode is about moving from working in-house to becoming a B:Corp business, how associate relationships benefit from transparency and communication and how niching is beneficial.

Ep. 13 – The Trials and Tribulations of Freelance Life

In this episode, Kate and I discuss why she chose to leave the corporate world and how she thought she had associate work lined up, but it was retracted. What to do? Resign or Stay?

Ep.12 – Master the Art of Negotiating: Essential Skills and Tactics for Trainers and Facilitators with Mark Davis

Mark Davis is known as the Cultural Navigator. He weaves negotiation and cultural intelligence together supporting businesses with their negotiation skills, cross-cultural communication, and Leadership development.

Ep 11. The Power of Two: Creating Good Partnerships

This episode is about how we can navigate partnerships successfully. Not all business relationships need to have a formal and legal entity. Many of us choose to work with others in partnership and this conversation is about how we can do this well.

Ep. 10 The Parallels between a romantic relationship and a business break-up! with Meg Bolger

Meg Bolger is a facilitation geek passionate about social justice, teaching facilitation, and creating resources for a more beautiful world. Meg is the captain of Facilitator Cards, co-author of Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation, co-creator of The Safe Zone Project, and many other resources for facilitators and social justice educators. Meg lives in Vermont where she tries to get into the woods everyday and keep up with her three nephews.

Ep 9. Best we know the stuff we fail to notice! with Simon Kettleborough

This episode explores how the inner world of the business leader creates the shape and flow of the business they lead. Our values, beliefs, experiences, thoughts and emotions all lend themselves to the structure, behaviours and outputs of our business.