About this episode

Mark and Mark started Total Negotiation as a lifestyle business that was meant to give them time to enjoy their golf, horses, and family. What happened in the last 15 years surpassed even their imaginations and today they have a global business, 30 employees and a 100 associates.

In this episode, Mark Cranstoun, the CEO and co-founder, and I discuss how they grew the business from a lifestyle business to a global success.

We talk about

  1. The three core factors that make a business thrive: Selling, Pipeline and Delivery
  2. The mindset and beliefs intrinsic to Total Negotiation’s growth.
  3. Dive into how to manage your customer and client pipeline
  4. Share what we do in a sales conversation.
  5. Mark challenges Kirsty’s mindset and questions her on what would happen if she did no delivery for 6 months but focused on business development?!

Come on in and have a listen.

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About Mark

Prior to co-founding Total Negotiation, Mark spent 3 years at Mars Confectionery and then 10 years at Diageo in sales and operational roles.

In 2009, Mark and his Co-Founder, Mark Grice set up Total Negotiation. Whilst they were originally planning a lifestyle business, they now have over 30 employees and 100 associates and can support clients in 9 languages.

You can connect with Mark on Linkedin, here.