Who we work with?

We work with in-house facilitators, trainers, learning and development teams, passionate managers and all who design and deliver learning. We create space to allow peer connections and a human-centred approach to learning and working.

Human-centered design is a philosophy that empowers an individual or team to design learning experiences that address the core needs of those who experience the problem. It puts your people at the heart of everything we do...

We help to nurture self-awareness and confidence by refreshing your facilitation toolkit, training your team in new skills and increasing their facilitation knowledge base.

Whether in person, or virtual, School of Facilitation have developed teams in global organisations and industries across FMCG, agencies, fashion, retail, consultancies, banks and education providers.

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What we do

All of our solutions are bespoke. We appreciate that every business and team is entirely unique, with its own culture, processes and ways of working - for us, a tick-box solution doesn’t create the transformation our clients deserve, so it’s not what we offer.

  • Our clients approach us with their challenges and areas in which they want to improve around learning design, facilitation and training in general.
  • Using a ‘Discussion Document’ (AKA a proposal), we work alongside you to build a picture of the ideal learning journey for your company and your team, entirely bespoke and utterly custom.
  • By using different formats of delivery and a blend of learning styles, we meet your team where they’re at and build upon their skillset using:
    • Self-service learning - reading, listening, watching.
    • Virtual learning - interactive online workshops
    • Experiential learning - in-person workshops
    • Coaching groups - giving time to reflect on what it is you are learning and applying

Our Story

Moving from in-house to Associate I realised that learning was much better delivered within company structures - than by an external agency. What I really wanted to do? Help companies set themselves up to facilitate their own training - to provide a toolkit of skills and frameworks that would allow them to tailor their employee learning to fit the culture and needs of their business ecosystem. 

Not stuffy team-building days or Powerpoint packs - but real, human-centred learning that creates change and development. 

That’s where the School of Facilitation came from - this need to not only influence on a 1:1 scale… but one to many. I wanted to create the maximum impact possible, connecting with more learners, supporting more facilitators and improving the learning experience for employees and companies, globally.

So, you know… small dreams.


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