Flourishing Facilitator Experience
February - May 2022

A four month learning experience that’ll take you from good to great in all that you do as an expert facilitator and trainer. It’s time to deepen your practise and harness your confidence.

You’re a natural teacher, you understand how to design engaging learning experiences and you relish being on your feet, delivering training - but you’re not sure how you crafted this skill and passion. Perhaps you didn’t have any formal training, but you’ve stumbled upon a natural talent that you’re ready to take to the next level.

Sound like you…?

What's covered?

Knowing and understanding the principles of human-centred learning

Practising and applying the principles to your own workshop design

Discovering your purpose, values and beliefs as a facilitator

Understanding how your presence and actions impacts the group and their learning

Practising and embedding your learnings, noticing how you do, what you do

Feedback on your design and delivery to enable you to continue to grow

New tools, processes and practises to increase group learning, enhance your wealth of knowledge and experience.

When is it covered?

We will start our journey in early February 2022 on 10th and 11th with a residential masterclass.

From there we will connect each motn through a variety of conversations, live masterclasses and coaching.

We will finish our journey May 26th and 27th for our closing residential masterclass.

How does it work?

  • Start and end your Flourishing Facilitator experience with a 2 day masterclass
  • Monthly group accountability calls
  • Regular design + delivery training
  • Monthly 1:1 coaching + supervision calls
8pm (BST) (8)
8pm (BST) (3)

Plus these

  • Access to the School Of Facilitation Collective
  • Entry to an SOF gathering
  • Private Slack channel for sharing questions + wins in real time

Throughout this journey, you’ll don two equally important hats...

Learner – we learn by doing and you are encouraged to fully immerse yourself in the experience and notice what it is like to be the learner.  By doing this it gives you references of what learning is like and therefore how it could be for your own groups

Facilitator – what is it your facilitator is doing, saying, applying?  How do they design and deliver the sessions?  What can you be doing?  What would you do?  There will be pauses during our time together to notice what the facilitator is doing, how they do it and why.


Who this is for?

  • You are a trainer or Learning & Development manager leaving corporate 
  • You are a trainer/facilitator who has worked for themselves for 1 – 3 years
  • You are passionate about your own development and have a desire to be the best you can be

Sounds great doesn’t it?