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Designing A Workshop

In this ebook you will learn...

How to get started

How to structure a workshop or meeting

How to make the session interactive

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Creating A Proposal

In this ebook you will learn...

The mindset you need when talking to clients

The questions to ask in your client meetings

The structure of a proposal


Links to our past webinars that are available to stream offline and watch at your own pace.

Creating engagement, safety and ownership for the learners
The flipchart webinar with Emer O'Leary
Julie Drybrough and Helene Jewell join Kirsty to discuss facilitation vs training
Deep Dive Podcast - Putting humans at the heart of learning


Check out what Kirsty and the team recommend



Dr Myriam Hadnes

With this podcast, Myriam is on a quest to find the magic ingredients that make workshops work.
Every week, she interviews those who facilitate collaboration. They share hands-on advice, best practices and lessons learned.

Leanne Hughes

First Time Facilitator
Leanne Hughes from the First Time Facilitator blog reveals all of her group facilitation, training and workshop tips and tricks so you discover how you can tweak elements of your facilitation style, or incorporate new techniques to engage your audience and leave with lasting impact (and 5-star feedback).
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Richard Stokes

The Mojo Podcast
Each week The Mojo Podcast meets brave and fascintating people who lost their mojo and made changes to rediscover this vital essence. Real people telling real untold stories to help inspire you. Hosted by executive coach Richard Stokes


8pm (BST) (13)


Gray, Brown, Macunfo
A go to book for ideas on great exercises to use when facilitating. Each exercise is clearly explained, with graphics that can be drawn and questions to be used.
8pm (BST) (16)

The Art of Gathering

Priya Parker
It has become a seminal read for anyone who gathers people together. Read why Purpose is your bouncer, learn how the environment impacts the group and how to end well.
8pm (BST) (15)

DO: Purpose

David Hieatt
Great brands make us feel something. They do that because they have something they want to change. These companies have a reason to exist over and above making a profit.



Neuland Markers and Pens

The Big One! Of all the tools in our kit bag this is our favourite.  Why?
1. Draws great thick or thin lines
2. Chiseled nib
3. Refillable
4. Replaceable nib

The Toybox

The Toybox is filled with creative and playful games, activities and workshops designed to build curiosity, enjoyment and learning within groups and teams.

All activities come with everything you need to deliver them; slides, handouts, timings and anything else that will help make it easier for you!

The Toybox Square_The Toybox square

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