A global community of facilitators and trainers, coming together to think, do and be better.

Welcome to the School of Facilitation, a space for facilitators to grow in self-awareness, confidently build capacity and establish a supportive community.

As facilitators, we are only as good as our own development. You are welcome here, in a community of motivated individuals, to explore your craft and hone your skills. Through in-person events, digital summits and expert training, your facilitation journey will prosper, no matter your experience level. Find like-minded connections who share your passion, your drive to develop and your positive energy. We’re glad to have you!


Our eBook is designed to...

Get you started

Help you structure a workshop or meeting

How you how to make your session interactive

What can we do for you today?


Don’t let your ‘stuff’ get in the way of your mission. One to one coaching allows you to take control of your own business journey.


Design, delivery, graphics. Facilitate with confidence when you’re armed with the skills to produce exceptional experiences for your clients.


Face to face or virtual, forge connections with your SOF community in real time. Together we grow, encourage and motivate each other.

It's time to join the...

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If you’re looking for a collaborative, expert and nurturing place to explore your facilitation capability… this is it.

A sense of belonging, a community that understands, a space to learn - that’s what the SOF Collective stands for. United we provide meaningful connections and the opportunity to continuously develop. In this private membership you’ll receive:

A supportive global community of like-minded souls

Inspirational wisdom keepers who will support your growth as a facilitator or trainer

Monthly coaching to nudge you into a space of knowing + unknowing, consciously

Space that enables you to bravely evolve yourself and your business

A spirit of collaboration that encourages you to test your ideas, exercises, concepts

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