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Virtual Design Class

Create human-centred virtual workshops that engage your participants, allows you to deliver confidently and enables you to share your passion with more people.

October 11th 2024

0900 - 11 00 BST

8pm (BST) (6)


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Buy both Design and Your Facilitation Style Masterclasses on Oct 11th

for just £197.

Save 20% on the regular price.


What is this all about?

This course will help you share your expertise and passion with others through well-designed virtual workshops.

No more talking at people and hiding behind powerpoint slides. It is time to learn the skills and behaviours which will make your workshops stand out and engage people

8pm (BST) (12)

Why do I need this course?

Did you know adults learn best when you engage them in conversations and experiences?

This virtual class will enable you to create an experiential workshop that engages your participants, refine what you may already be doing and gives you a repeatable flow that you can use again and again.    As a flourishing facilitator or talented trainer it is so important to be able to design workshops that connect the participants to the topics.

Knowing how to design impactful virtual workshops will elevate you and your offering to the next level.  This isn’t something we learn at school or even in the work place yet it will make a difference to you and your business.

By the end of this class you will have a workshop flow you can reuse, ideas on exercises to engage and create connections, blasted through some of your challenge areas.

What is included?

Exploration of the 5’E model which provides the flow to hype the event, the event itself and extending the learning

3 simple exercise structures that you can repeatedly use virtually

Trouble shooting your challenges

1 x 2 hour virtual workshop

Learner book with a virtual workshop template, lesson plan, exercise frameworks

This is for you if:

This is for you if:

You want to start creating learning that shares your expertise and passion

Want a framework for a virtual workshop that is repeatable

Bored of using powerpoint and wondering if there is another way to do this

You want to refine how you currently design a virtual workshop

You are a facilitator or trainer who is weaving virtual workshops into your offering but are unsure where to start

This isn’t for you if:

This isn’t for you if:

If you don’t know what your area of expertise is

You don’t know your target audience

If you don’t care about the learning experiences you create

It's definitely positively impacted me, in being able to exit a workshop in a way that feels like a proper ending for the audience. Thank you! I'm really glad I got to experience this masterclass 🙂


An absolutely amazing, highly engaging learning workshop organised and hosted Kirsty, excellent facilitator. I learnt so much and it was a workshop that just kept on giving. Highly recommended.



About your facilitator

Kirsty Lewis is the founder of School of Facilitation.

She used to work in the corporate world until she saw sense, jumped ship and set up her own training business.  She is a bit of a geek when it comes to designing and delivering experiential learning.  She thinks it is really important that professional facilitators and trainers keep learning, deepening the knowledge on how to design and deliver great learning and workshops.

Her corporate clients include Starbucks, Chanel, Diageo, Jacon Douwe Egberts and she has founded a community for facilitators and trainers called the SOF collective.