Intentional Planning Workshop

Move forward with your best year yet

Friday 20th October 2023 | 09:00 - 11:00 BST


Does the thought of setting a business goal leave you rolling your eyes or your stomach lurching?

Do you have a vague idea of what you want to achieve in the next 12 months but unsure how to move from idea to reality?

You like the idea of having a plan but you struggle to create the space to make it happen?

Imagine if you could…

Create clear, achievable goals that fill you with purpose & joy

Gain support & accountability each quarter to make sure you achieve your intentions & goals

Feel motivated, challenged and inspired for the year ahead

Join us Friday 20th October 2023 [0900 - 1100] for our
our next Quarterly Intention Setting Workshop.

I am sure you will agree, as fellow entrepreneurs and business owners, we can get so busy running the day-to-day, that we forget to work ON the business and ourselves. 

Before you know it, months can pass us by and all those goals, plans and resolutions we were brimming with excitement with on January 1st are a distant memory! 

That is exactly why for the past year, we started offering quarterly intention setting sessions within the SoF Membership to reflect, plan, action and celebrate with like minded souls! 

Having dedicated time each quarter to pause for 2 hours, realign, work on ourselves and on our Businesses has been an absolute game changer and we want to extend this magic to you.

How does it work?


Session 1: Reflection 

We start by reflecting backwards and noticing what we have achieved, where we succeeded, what was missing and where we didn’t focus our energy. 

Session 2: Intentionally Plan

Using our reflections, we then look forward and intentionally plan for the following quarter. A flow of questions are shared during our time together to support you and guide your thinking.

“What you do today can improve all of your tomorrows”
Ralph Marston

Setting intentions and planning with other people can be incredibly empowering and beneficial. 

Firstly you are doing the work which means your brain consciously knows what you want for the next quarter! 

Next you get to share, with like minded souls, how you are doing in your business and celebrate – another thing many of us aren’t great at doing, yet it is invaluable to pause and notice what’s working and how far you have come. 

Being with other business owners creates a supportive environment, they will understand your highs and lows, be able to share ideas, thoughts or opinions (if you ask for them!)

Dates For Your Diaries:

Intention setting sessions/Intentional planning

21 July, 09:00 – 11:00 GMT

20 October, 09:00 – 11:00 GMT

Future Year planning

24 November, 09:00 – 12:00 GMT


Grab your spots below for the rest of the year:

Commonly asked questions:

What happens after I have signed up?

After you have signed up, you will get an automated confirmation email. A week before the workshop, you will get a reminder with the zoom login details.

What if I have my own planning process?

If you have your own planning process and questions to work through that is absolutely fine! Many people use our time together to do exactly that!

Is this workshop just about setting Business & Financial intentions?

No, we all have our own measures of ‘success’ which means we all have a different perspective and that makes for rich conversations and helps inspire one another. 

This could look like:

  • Business financials - turnover, profit, gross profit 
  • Values lived
  • Dream clients worked with 
  • Number of days worked [or days rested]
  • Associate days vs own client days
  • Time to give back to charity
  • Working in an ethical and sustainable way
What happens if I pay for a workshop and can’t make it?

We know how busy life and business can get! That is exactly why we have mapped out these dates a year in advance so that you can slot them into your calendars and get the most benefit out of the live sessions.

However, we completely appreciate that things come up and so a recording will be sent out within 48 hours. If you can’t make the live session, we really encourage you to carve out 2 hours to go through the recording and set your intentions for that quarter.