On this page you’ll find details about our classes, gatherings and the ways in which we support the School of Facilitation Community.

Have a scroll, dive in, and we hope to see you very soon!

How do our classes work


Quarterly face to face gatherings across the UK.

Virtual Gatherings: to replace the above during COVID times

Connect, Inspire, Share


Gatherings are quarterly events, covering topics such as systemic constellations, resourcing ourselves, street wisdom and yearly reflections.

Bring a guest, get ready to learn, be prepared for development and spend 2.5 hours with like minded, flourishing facilitators and trainers.

Want a taste of the School of Facilitation community?

Join us for a free Community Pod, a one hour Zoom session based on one of four themes: yourself, your learners, your clients, your business.

Find out about our flourishing facilitator and trainer community, learn more about our wisdom keepers and explore our offering.

You are welcome here. Take part in a pause, silence, reflection and connection experience. 

P.S Jump in 5 minutes early for Kirsty’s dance party!

Design Class

Wish magical fairies would come and design your workshop or event for you? Totally stumped when it comes to getting started, making sessions more interactive or coming up with fun and exciting ways to keep people engaged?

Delivery Class

How do you feel about your ability to deliver a workshop? Do you ever feel that your delivery skills could do with a little polishing around edges? Perhaps you’re new to facilitation and you’ve never had feedback on your delivery skills?

8pm (BST) (2)

One to one coaching offers you the time and space to explore what it means to be a great facilitator. We do this by creating a safe environment, with dedicated support - allowing you to seek the help and authority you require in any given area of your practise, at any given time.

Coaching is not about delivering ‘homework’ or lectures, it’s about a collaborative experience that strengthens your resolve, your skillset and your vital mindset.

Flourishing Facilitator Experience

A four month learning experience that’ll take you from good to great in all that you do as an expert facilitator and trainer. It’s time to deepen your practise and harness your confidence.

Mountain Perspective

Taking your personal business journey to the next level, in beautiful surroundings.

Join us for a week of skiing, boarding, mountains, friendship and conversations.