The Mountain Perspective

Taking your personal business journey to the next level, in beautiful surroundings

After the last few years of disruption we are planning to host The Mountain Perspective in March 2023. A 6 day/5 night retreat in either the French or Swiss Alps. Think skiing and boarding with rich conversations by day, yoga, yummy food and more awesome chats by night!

This is about creating time for you to reflect, relax and rejuvenate.

We are in the planning process and want to share up to date news as we get it.

Clear your mind

“Fresh air and fresh thinking for you and your business”


You were made for more than overwhelm, mindset avalanches, and flying solo (or, by the seat of your pants).

As seasoned facilitators & business owners, we’ve all been there…

  • Feeling isolated as you navigate this new terrain alone
  • Feeling like you just need someone to sense-check your processes
  • Feeling out of touch with new developments as you climb solo

The Mountain Perspective is here to help you summit your personal development journey.

What is the Mountain Perspective?

When you are in the mountains you find space to reflect on what is going on in life and where to go next.  Mountains give us the opportunity to see the lay of the land from a perspective that is not given to us in our daily spaces. They have the ability to make us feel small yet have a sense of expansiveness at the same time.  Being in nature in the mountains is a blend of risk and safety.  The exhilaration of moving through fresh powder snow, not knowing what lies below blended with a trust in our guide and the knowledge that the mountain is strong and grounded brings a sense of aliveness, a presence and a nudge out of our comfort zone.

The Mountain Perspective is about creating space for you to reflect on what is important to you in the now.  We will create the spaces and places for awesome conversations, by bringing together a diverse group of passionate individuals.  This is about creating time for you and time for you to breathe in the beauty of the mountains and reflect.


As a developing facilitator, some time ago, I often found myself feeling like I was talking to brick walls. Trying to explain my life’s work became arduous and rarely did I stand in front of someone who got it.

Once I’d stepped outside of the comfy confines of corporate, I realised that not having a team around me or colleagues to call upon was actually a bit… lonely. 

“But I’m a facilitator”, I thought. “I am the solution to the problem”.

And so I did what facilitators do… I created the solution....


What will we be doing?

Under the School of Facilitation, the Mountain Perspective is our offering that supports you as a business owner. It’s not training to be a better facilitator, as such, but more a way to fill your cup back up after months or years of serving others. We use this retreat as a way to recentre and reconnect with ourselves, unlock our higher self and uncover what our calling truly is. Think of it as a recalibration of your own internal compass.

Of course, the incredible scenery, magical yoga, euphoric skiing and delicious food helps




Collect skis, boards or snow shoes

The past conversations



Morning meditation. 
The present conversation.
Morning of skiing, boarding, snow shoeing or chilling.
Meet for lunch
Afternoon adventures



Morning meditation
The where next conversation
All day ski, board, snow shoe adventure OR curl up by a fire and relax




Morning meditation
The where next conversation
All day ski, board, snow shoe adventure OR curl up by a fire and relax




​​Morning meditation
The integration conversation
All day ski, board, snow shoe adventure.



Final reflections and depart


March 2023


France or Switzerland

What people say?

​“As a coach and facilitator I am always holding space for others. This was my opportunity to be held, to trust, to explore, and have time for myself.”

“I had everything I needed to do deep inner work: time in nature, time to reflect, nourishing food, loving invitations to stretch, and ample occasions to laugh. A brilliant recipe for growth.”

Sounds great doesn’t it?