Delivery Class

How do you feel about your ability to deliver a workshop? Do you ever feel that your delivery skills could do with a little polishing around edges? Perhaps you’re new to facilitation and training and you’ve never had feedback on your delivery skills?

Facilitating and managing a workshop, training session or meeting appears simple until you do it. Achieving the outcomes you set, engaged participants, a motivating work space and a positive energy can be a minefield. This is before you start to consider your language, the words you will use, your tone of voice or the impact of your body language.

The difference between presenting, training and coaching

How to use your body language, manage your energy and stay ‘in state’

How to use music in learning

Creating an environment that is both stimulating, relaxing and motivating

8pm (BST) (12)


In a brave space, you’ll be encouraged to explore your delivery aptitude, hone your skills and fine-tune the elements you’d like to work on. Through constructive feedback and expert advice, you’ll develop your own unique facilitation stance.

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