A unique, high-level service for facilitators and trainers who are committed to their own growth, improvement and wellness.


What is

Supervision provides a sounding board for breaking down challenges and discussing the new experiences you may encounter in your work with clients.  It also provides an opportunity for you to reflect and develop your own practice as an ever-learning facilitator. 

Why choose

Regular supervision supports your personal and professional development and signals to your clients that you are ultimately committed to continuous improvement, for their benefit.

As an experienced facilitator, the idea of being ‘looked over’ by another colleague might not seem attractive to you.  Similarly you may have chosen to be an independent facilitator in order to have freedom from the supervision of an employer. 

With clients and delegates giving feedback, you may think that you don’t need another pair of eyes examining what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

The aim of all exploration is to enable you to become more self-aware and to learn how to use that awareness to support your work.  Key to this process is supporting you to develop, value and use your own Internal Supervisor – the part of you that gets immediate cognitive, somatic and intuitive data when you are doing your work.

How it works?

With SOF, you are always committing to being better, no matter which parts of our offering you engage with. Supervision is the highest level of commitment to your practise - and thus requires a deep level of work and internal awareness.

We do this through both individual and group sessions.

8pm (BST) (4)

Individual Supervision:

Over 1 hour, an individual session allows you to receive 1:1 guided support, reflection and space.

Yearly commitment

Monthly coaching sessions (60 minutes long) - either distant or in person

Discovery call with your supervisor - post-application

Start anytime - 12 months

£2500 + VAT

Group Supervision:

In a 2 hour group session, a collaborative effort and team environment fosters growth, motivation and genuine feedback

4-6 people per group

Closed cohort - once you’re in a cohort you have the same people in every call

All zoom calls

First cohort opens in November - new spots open every quarter

£990 for 10 sessions over 12 months

8pm (BST) (6)

Sounds great doesn’t it?