The Art of Pricing

Gain confidence and clarity in your pricing strategy


This is for you if you..

Are unsure where to start when thinking about pricing

Start from scratch each time you price up a piece of work

Have no sense of the market rates at this time and are going off gut instinct

Find you wobble when you think about increasing your rates

Predominantly work in day rates vs project outcomes

The Art of Pricing is all about helping you create ease and a sense of knowing when it comes to what you charge your clients.

We will look at your product suite, what you currently charge vs industry rates, identify what you want to charge and how you will get there.  We will take a peek at your money values and beliefs as these will be playing a role in how you relate to pricing.

What's involved?


Three bi-weekly workshops of 90 minutes

During these interactive sessions, you will receive expert guidance and hands-on training on various aspects of pricing strategies, helping you gain a deep understanding of how to set prices effectively and confidently.

Dedicated Whatsapp support group

This group will serve as a valuable platform for participants to connect, ask questions, share insights, and receive assistance directly from Kirsty. It's a space where you can seek clarification, discuss challenges, and exchange valuable ideas.

Access to Kirsty’s treasure trove of tools and her brain

Kirsty will open up her wealth of knowledge and resources to you. You'll have the unique opportunity to tap into Kirsty's extensive experience and insights.

"The single most important decision in evaluating a business is pricing power." - Warren Buffett

If you are early on in your journey as a freelancer or associate, then this pricing workshop is a great way to learn and share experiences. It will build your confidence to charge a price that reflects what you are worth and to defend your corner.


Thank you, Kirsty, for the excellent Art of Pricing workshops. I left the workshops with greater clarity, and with the confidence to create a pricing model that is consistent yet differentiated, fair and aligned to my values.


Being new to being self-employed, I found these workshops thought-provoking, eye-opening and in some ways, also reassuring. The shared discussions with other members were helpful as I now have a network who I can raise questions with about money/pricing/proposals/cancellation policies and all things money. I have grown in confidence around the subject of money and self-worth and am already putting my learning into practice. Thank you!


Session one:

Monday 9th September

1500 - 1630 BST

Session two:

Monday 23rd September

1500 - 1630 BST

Session three:

Monday 7th October

1500 - 1630 BST

Early bird is £499 until 7th August

Price from 7th August is £599

I highly recommend this workshop with Kirsty as it really helped me in thinking about the value of training and facilitation that I offer to clients, and ensuring that I am taking all aspects into consideration that represent my worth and are aligned with the industry.


Pricing is one of those thorny issues in training that many of us tend to skirt around. This course helped to clarify and make implicit these issues, not least because it gave solid proof that quite a few facilitators ask and get premium rates. In this course, we explored our stories around money and how they colour our interactions today. We also had opportunities to explore current pricing dilemmas and some great examples of how to write proposals to make the value of our offering more explicit.
Really recommend this course if you are struggling with pricing your facilitation and training services.