This episode is about moving from working in-house to becoming a B:Corp business, how associate relationships benefit from transparency and communication and how niching is beneficial.

Phil Walsh is a man with a big heart who works with purpose-led organisations as a facilitator.

The conversation in todays podcast follows the natural curve of Phil’s career. We cover a multitude of topics:

  1. How to grow your facilitator or trainer skills in a corporate
  2. Our love of NLP
  3. Leaving the corporate world and finding those initial gigs
  4. The world in 2007!
  5. A Kirsty rant
  6. Associate green and red flags
  7. Why niche and the benefits
  8. Finding direct clients and professional persistence

Grab a cup of tea, tune in your ears and take a seat on the pink chair

About Phil

Before focusing on full-time facilitation, Phil directed global sales and marketing at a leading Learning and Development Agency, working with prestigious global organisations. His career has spanned coaching senior executives and partners at top firms, developing programs for various audiences, and facilitating internationally, showcasing his ability to adapt to diverse groups and settings.

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