Meg Bolger is a facilitator, author, and creator of The Facilitator Cards.

Meg and I have a candid conversation about

  1. What it’s like to work with your sister and know you are responsible for someone else’s monthly salary
  2. The processes she uses in her business, weekly and monthly
  3. Goal-setting and how goals pop up for Meg and how she grabs them
  4. Her neurodivergent diagnosis and being creative
  5. The different relationships we experience in our businesses. We don’t always talk about these easily and yet they are a core part of our everyday world
  6. How you process a business divorce in your early 30s when you weren’t expecting it and more importantly what you learn

Grab a cup of tea,

Take a seat and enjoy.

About Meg

Meg Bolger is a facilitation geek passionate about social justice, teaching facilitation, and creating resources for a more beautiful world. Meg is the captain of Facilitator Cards, co-author of Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation, co-creator of The Safe Zone Project, and many other resources for facilitators and social justice educators. Meg lives in Vermont where she tries to get into the woods everyday and keep up with her three nephews.

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About the School of Facilitation Podcast

A Facilitator’s Journey is the podcast that looks at how you run your businesses as a facilitator or trainer.

You started this work because you have a passion that you want to share with organisations. However, there is the small detail that you are now running a business and this requires a whole other set of skills and knowledge.

Join me, Kirsty Lewis, Founder of School of Facilitation, as I interview trainers and facilitators about how they manage their businesses. I will explore how people run their finances, price their work, scale up, scale down, decide to retire, market themselves, manage clients, and much much more.