James Gairdner started out in the corporate world in a variety of roles from commercial to marketing for a well known drinks brand and then diving into Banking in 2007 as that world started to collapse. He chose to leave corporate life to help a coach build their business and from there joined Heresy Consulting.

In this episode two parts of the conversation with James jumped out at me.

The first is his challenge to me as to whether I run a project shop or a business.

The second was a quote from Elliot Jacques which suggests the way we construct our businesses is a mirror of our psychology.

Both conversations have me thinking more about what it is I am doing in my business which is both supporting and hindering SOF’s growth and development.

We talk about

  1. The mental and emotional transition that occurs after leaving a corporate
  2. Why James wanted to build a business vs evolve his craft
  3. The benefits of having products in your training business
  4. The difference between being a business and a project shop
  5. The triangle of projects, retainers and being a trusted advisor
  6. The relevance of referral fees
  7. Elliot Jacques thinking that we construct our businesses as a mirror of our psychology
  8. Why developing a reflective practise benefits us, our business, and our clients
  9. Why facilitators and trainers should have supervision

Come on in and have a listen.

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Connect with James on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-gairdner-1192a76/