Kate Jones was a consultant with PA Consulting until she realised she needed to make a change and get out. For the last 11 years she has run Neon a boutique consultancy which aims to help leaders create more deeply human organisations.

In this episode, Kate and I discuss why she chose to leave the corporate world and how she thought she had associate work lined up, but it was retracted. What to do? Resign or Stay?

The conversation continues and we dive into these topics:

  1. Leaving the corporate world
  2. The serendipity of finding the first piece of work
  3. Experiencing loneliness as a freelancer
  4. Why community is important to elevate loneliness
  5. The need for professional development
  6. The benefits of having a supervisor
  7. How do you find work now?
  8. What happens when client work is quiet?

Come on in and have a listen.

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Kate’s Linkedin Page: www.linkedin.com/in/katerjones