About this episode

This episode is about how we can navigate partnerships successfully. Not all business relationships need to have a formal and legal entity. Many of us choose to work with others in partnership and this conversation is about how we can do this well.

Richard Bellars is a facilitator, coach, and mentor. Darren Hilton is an executive coach, team coach and facilitator. Both Richard and Darren have their own businesses, associate relationships, and direct clients AND they choose to work together on certain projects. They come together to create The Sourcery Project. This is a nature-based leadership programme that encourages leaders and their teams to consider their collective impact and legacy by re-imagining their purpose and that of their organisation.

In this episode I explore with Richard and Darren how they are forming their partnership. They discuss how giving energy and being intentional as to why you are choosing to work together are really important at the start of any partnership and project.

The conversation wends its way as we discuss:

  1. Acknowledging common values, capabilities, and the benefit of the differences
  2. Knowing we can do more together
  3. Talking about how will we mess it up and get in our own way?
  4. Theory U
  5. Why using a profiling system helps give us a language that we can use
  6. The importance of a functioning spreadsheet for the commercials!
  7. The trials, tribulations, and challenges of a partnership
  8. Advice for those considering forming a partnership

Grab a cuppa, tune in your ears, and join me on the pink chair for this interesting conversation.