This episode explores what negotiation is and how we can have better negotiation conversations. I noticed that sometimes selling and negotiation do not come easily to facilitators and trainers hence my desire to talk to Mark. I want to start to share what you can do when you find yourself in these situations.

Mark Davis is known as the Cultural Navigator. He weaves negotiation and cultural intelligence together supporting businesses with their negotiation skills, cross-cultural communication, and Leadership development.

Mark and I wend our way through this conversation thinking about a fictitious negotiation with a client. We pull out a variety of skills, behaviors, and mindsets that can be adopted to enable there to be a positive outcome for both you and your client.

  1. What is the difference between Selling and Negotiating
  2. The language of selling
  3. What to do when you meet someone from purchasing?
  4. The different skills and behaviours we can use in a negotiation
  5. What are the three things to prepare for your negotiation
  6. Negotiation as a ritual
  7. Three questions to ask in a negotiation
  8. The benefit of using summaries
  9. Assumptive statements and how to use them to gain clarity

Pull up a chair, grab a cuppa, and enjoy the listen.

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