In this conversation, Ged shares with me his journey of leaving the world of retail and starting his own business. We discuss the challenges he faced in his early years and how he managed to overcome them. Ged emphasises the importance of accountability and external motivation in driving his success. He also talks about his strategies to expand his reach and find new opportunities. Ged’s story highlights the resilience and determination required to build a successful business

Ged is a Negotiation skills trainer and GSCOP specialist. He can be found commentating on the world of Retail on the BBC, writing in the Grocer or the UK papers.

We discuss a myriad of topics

  1. Leaving the World of Retail
  2. Year One: Starting the Business
  3. Year Two: Getting By
  4. Year Three: Financial Struggles
  5. The power of external Motivation and Accountability
  6. HowFinding New Contacts and Opportunities is Essential
  7. Building Relationships and Staying Relevant
  8. The Power of PR and Using Media to Build Credibility
  9. Utilizing Introductions and LinkedIn for Networking
  10. The Power of LinkedIn for Business Growth
  11. Resilience and Adaptability in Business

Grab a cup of tea and take a seat on the pink chair, enjoy!


Ged is a disruptor advocating for change who has over 30 years experience in Retail with the last 15 involving training, initially at Asda & since 2015 running his own business. He now trains & advises Grocery Suppliers on how to work better with Retailers.

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