About this episode

How exactly did I, Kirsty Lewis, end up running a boutique training business?

This solo episode shares how I accidentally came upon the idea to leave the corporate world.

Setting up a business was never in my plans, but here we are 16 years on and School of Facilitation is thriving.

So what happened on 7th April 2007 that changed the course of my life?

Have a listen and let me know your story of origin.

About Kirsty Lewis

Kirsty Lewis is a seasoned facilitator with a wealth of experience and a passion for empowering others in the field of facilitation. Throughout her career spanning several decades, she has collaborated with powerhouse brands and household names, including Diageo, Chanel, and Jacob Douwe Egberts.

In 2014, Kirsty created the School of Facilitation after a long time looking for something similar and realising it didn’t exist. Over the years, it has taken shape, gradually evolving into a supportive and educational platform for facilitators and corporations alike. At present, the School of Facilitation had grown into an international hub, offering valuable support and encouragement to facilitators and businesses from all corners of the world.