About this episode

Scaling your business can be exciting and daunting, for you or not for you.

Catherine and John Nicholson, founders of The Virtual Training Team, have gone from 2 – 15 people, and a 7 figure turnover in 8 years. They openly admit it started as a lifestyle business and then questions like “what could we create?” started to pop up as their curiosity grew.

The episode title references a duck factory as this is the analogy John and Catherine use when talking about The Virtual Training Team. We explore who their first and second hires were, what it is like to have a partner to work with, how they hire, and whether they have a strategy.

The decision to scale our businesses is personal, I think for some it is an obvious step, some of us hesitate and the inner chat takes over causing paralysis, and some of you know it is not for you. Wherever you are this episode is full of insightful information.

Enjoy this episode.

About Catherine and John

Catherine and John Nicolson are the proud co-founders of The Virtual Training Team.  Catherine is an award-winning leader in learning & development.  She combines her decades of experience in design and delivery with keen knowledge in the latest developments in areas such as VR and AI. John applies his 25 years in L&D to enable VTT to serve their learner and clients to the highest standards.

Both Catherine and John are passionate about learning transfer, psychology, science and business research.

A key mantra of the business of VTT is “It it’s not fun, we’re not doing it”.  This provides insight into the values of the business which are Engagement, Happiness and Performance.


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