About this episode

In this conversation, Rob and I talk about our business finances, pricing, and what investments we have made in our businesses and selves. Rob shares a personal story as to why he scaled his business operation back in early 2022 vs going all in and big.

Finances and money are an essential part of running a business and I think the more we talk about them, how we use them and work with them, the easier it becomes and it helps us learn and grow.

Enjoy the conversation

About Rob

Rob Geraghty is the owner of Presenting Virtually. A business that focuses on helping people design and deliver presentations brilliantly. Rob left Vodaphone in 200 and started working as an associate. By 200 he had decided to work with his own clients when he realised the financials were more favourable.


Rob’s Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rgeraghty/

YouTube: @presentingvirtually6554