About this episode

In this episode we discuss the different thresholds we cross in our Facilitator and Trainer journey – the beginning, the finding of associate work and retirement.

I was curious to understand how do we know when to retire?

Join Kirsty and Meriel Swain in this conversation

About Meriel

In 2012, Meriel Swain embarked on a journey that led to the birth of Sweet Success Coaching after voluntary redundancy, venturing into the world of coaching and NLP. Fueled by a desire for a more balanced and joyful life, her path gradually revealed a newfound purpose, marked by her love for collaboration – the magic of teamwork. Meriel believes that purpose unfolds at its own pace and should be savored like fine wine. At Sweet Success Coaching, Meriel’s mission is to empower others to find their spark while enjoying the delightful dance of collective creativity, sprinkling inspiration and transformation wherever she goes.

Meriel is the founder of Sweet Success Coaching: https://merielswain.co.uk/

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