About this episode

This episode is about decision-making in our businesses, the frameworks we use to say yes or no to work and how becoming more conscious in our decision-making is important to cultivate.

Richard Stokes is a leadership coach, facilitator, and creator of the Mojo Podcast. He has been in this world of facilitation and coaching for five years, works with his own clients as well as being an associate.

Kirsty and Richard dive into a conversation about how they say Yes or No to work and how having a framework for these decisions is supportive and guiding. The conversation wends its way to why a move from unconscious to conscious decision-making is positive for us and what we can do to become more conscious about ourselves and life in general.

About Richard

Having spent the majority of his corporate career in the fast-paced world of advertising & media, Richard has come to learn a few things about change and how to thrive in times of change. He has worked for several global brands and organisations, each with their own cultures and approaches, including domestic (UK), regional, and global roles, giving him great perspective on how different nationalities like to work. In addition, he has worked through and helped manage high-profile mergers, making taking an abundant view on change second-nature for him.

Richard is the Founder of Mojo Development – https://www.mojodevelopment.co.uk/

He lives in Ibiza with his wife, their young son, and their dog, and he goes wherever the work takes him as travel is a passion.

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