In today’s episode, Kirsty and Claire Vintiner discuss various aspects of freelancing, including valuing oneself and one’s work, reframing budgets, setting boundaries, and having great client conversations.

Claire Vintiner is a coach, a facilitator, and someone who isn’t afraid to bring leaders and organisations together to play a transformative role in addressing people, planetary and systems challenges. Claire has experienced being an associate as well as working with her own clients.

As the conversation unfolds, Kirsty and Claire emphasize the importance of evolving and continuously working on one’s relationship with money. They also highlight the significance of trust, both in oneself and in the process, and the power of saying no when necessary. They discuss the process of client conversations and how to effectively engage with clients through open questions, deep listening, summaries, and probing questions to understand the clients’ needs and objectives.

Here are some of this episodes themes

  1. How We Value Ourselves and Our Work
  2. Understanding the Worth of Your Work
  3. Building Comfort with the Reframing of Budgets
  4. Setting Boundaries and Saying Yes or No
  5. Having Great Client Conversations
  6. The Client Conversation Process
  7. Asking Questions
  8. Summarizing and Paraphrasing
  9. Probing on Answers
  10. Building Rapport and Small Talk
  11. Asking the Next Logical Step
  12. Budget Discussions
  13. Proposal vs Concept Note
  14. Winning Work on Quality

About the School of Facilitation Podcast, A Facilitator’s Journey: Real Life Stories

A Facilitator’s Journey is the podcast that looks at how you run your businesses as a facilitator or trainer.

You started this work because you have a passion that you want to share with organisations. However, there is the small detail that you are now running a business and this requires a whole other set of skills and knowledge.

Join me, Kirsty Lewis, Founder of School of Facilitation, as I interview trainers and facilitators about how they manage their businesses. I will explore how people run their finances, price their work, scale up, scale down, decide to retire, market themselves, manage clients, and much much more.

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