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Kirsty and the crew!

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As facilitators and trainers we recognise that to be in service of our clients and learners, we need to keep evolving and growing personally. Our challenge is in understanding that the results we get are in direct proportion to our personal growth. 

Our business can only grow as much as we do.

It's time to join the...


If you’re looking for a collaborative, expert and nurturing place to explore your facilitation capability… this is it.

The SOF Collective is a community for life-long learners who want meaningful and authentic connections with other facilitators and trainers.

This is a space that enables you to orientate yourself with your own learning journey, so you go wiser and more confidently in building your facilitation capability plus evolve your business to better serve your clients and learners.

Right now you might be thinking:

Who else does what I do & how can I meet them?

Realise life is lonely when you work for yourself – and you love people!

Curious about how others design workshops, facilitate sessions and show up?