Meet The Faculty

Sarah Urquhart

Sarah has been an independent coach and facilitator since 2000, working with corporates and individuals.  She has been training and mentoring others in the skills of coaching and facilitation for 18 years and gained a formal qualification in Supervision in 2016.

Sarah draws upon many areas to support her supervision:  She is an ICF Credentialled Coach and an NLP Master Trainer.  With over 30 years of corporate experience, a Business Degree, post-graduate qualifications in Marketing, Psychology and Supervision.  She draws from a wide-range of tools such as stand-up comedy and improvisation skills to enhance her facilitation.  Her experience spans large (c 200) and small (c 12) groups, and both open programmes and in house sessions and is comfortable working face to face and virtually and has experience of a wide-variety of virtual platforms.

Continued personal and professional development is very important to Sarah. She has her own supervisor for both her coaching and facilitation work. She was a Board Director of the UK Chapter of the International Coach Federation promoting the Coaching profession and supporting other coaches’ professional development.

Sarah urqhart

Christoph Spiessens

What is this journey called Life all about and how can we make the most of it? Those are the kind of questions that fuel Christoph’s work.

As a Mindfulness teacher and author of spiritual personal development books, he helps people re-connect to their inner calm, confidence and self-worth.

His meditations are freely available on the world’s largest wellbeing app, Insight Timer. He has been part of the L&D world for 15 years and recently celebrated the 5th anniversary of his own coaching and training consultancy.

Richard Bellars

Richard has a never-ending curiosity for life and passion for travel and diversity in culture and indigenous wisdom; all of which he brings to his relationships and work wherever possible, constantly learning and sharing from every new experience.

Richard has lived in different countries and loves and lives by personal journeys of transformation, as a way of integrating ‘who we are’ with ‘what we are here to do’.

He's always felt a deep connection to Nature, especially from his childhood by the sea, and enjoys sailing, SUP boarding, trekking, camping...


Emer O'Leary

Hand drawn visuals are at the core of everything Emer does.

As a coach and facilitator, Emer helps individuals and groups to get from where they are now to where they want to be using hand drawn visuals as a tool to enable people to literally see the possibilities and create visual action plans.

She is passionate about the power of hand drawn visuals to draw out ideas, boost learning, and increase engagement and participation.

Emer is on a mission to make these hand drawn visuals an accessible tool for teachers, trainers, facilitators and educators of all kinds.

Neil Baker

Neil is a writer and communications consultant.

His work is about helping people to tell their stories and share their ideas.

One day he might be working with a global organization that wants to talk in a more human way about its role in the fight against cancer.

Another day he will be helping a manager find their authentic voice for the first time. The connecting thread is this that Neil believes that a more creative and playful approach to writing, language and communication helps people to express themselves more confidently and freely.

And when you feel creative, playful, free and confident, amazing and powerful things can happen.

Neil Baker

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