If you are a facilitator, trainer or coach in an African country, with a passion and purpose for working with African clients and learners, then this is the space for you. Here you can meet others like you, round the 'campfire' for openly connecting, sharing and learning.

SOF Campfires are online gatherings specifically for our new and growing SOF Africa community. They are the African equivalent of the monthly SoF Pods that have been running throughout 2020.

We come together:

  • To share our learned experiences in a community of peers

  • To enhance our professionalism of facilitation and training to a deeper level, and with greater rigour


Early pioneering attendees of the campfires have shared such dreams and intentions they wish to nurture and develop in this space:

  • To recognise “the power of facilitation” as a natural way to learn and communicate

  • To continue to learn and grow

  • To share tools and experiences for enabling and impact

  • To co-design – and the spirit to do so – to create communities and ripple effects

  • To live one’s passion for Africa

  • To see facilitation as a leadership training tool and approach

  • To share with others what I wasn’t taught (as a facilitator), especially the intangibles, and especially around Diversity & Inclusion


Why is the SoF Campfire needed?

The SoF Campfire is a place where you can come to evolve and grow, time out from you holding space for others – let us do that for you.

As facilitators and trainers we recognise that to be in service of our clients and learners, we need to keep evolving and growing personally. Our challenge is in understanding that the results we get are in direct proportion to our personal growth.  Our business can only grow as much as we do.

Meet your Campfire host

Richard Bellars

Richard has a never-ending curiosity for life and passion for travel and diversity in culture and indigenous wisdom; all of which he brings to his relationships and work wherever possible, constantly learning and sharing from every new experience.

Future Campfire Dates

  • 19th November
  • 17th December (2pm UTC start)