This episode with Caroline Boyd is about being an Associate (Sub-contractor) in the training industry. The benefits, the challenges, the dynamics of the associate-training company relationship, the transition from corporate to freelance, and importantly the journey an associate goes through. The conversation is backed by Caroline’s thesis she wrote for her Occupational Psychology Masters.

Caroline is a trainer/facilitator and works in the space of management and leadership. She is an associate and business owner (for now),

Themes that we cover:

  1. Being an associate provides a safe bridge into the freelance world
  2. The associate-client relationship requires trust, effective communication, and a clear understanding of expectations.
  3. Where and how associates find meaning and fulfilment in their work
  4. The complex relationship between the associate-training company-client
  5. The measure of success used by associates goes beyond money!
  6. The journey associates go through from yes, to no, to prioritising work that aligns with strengths and values
  7. How training companies can foster a positive working relationship with associates
  8. The importance of psychological meaning, awareness and safety when fostering and nurturing associate – training company relationships
  9. Consider whether finding your own clients is what you really want?

My invitation to you is to grab a cuppa, join me on the pink seat and tune in your ears.


A Facilitator’s Journey is the podcast that looks at how you run your businesses as a facilitator or trainer.

You started this work because you have a passion that you want to share with organisations. However, there is the small detail that you are now running a business and this requires a whole other set of skills and knowledge.

Join me, Kirsty Lewis, Founder of School of Facilitation, as I interview trainers and facilitators about how they manage their businesses. I will explore how people run their finances, price their work, scale up, scale down, decide to retire, market themselves, manage clients, and much much more.

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