Ep. 18 – The Power of Niching and How to Do It

To Niche or Not to Niche – That is the question!

Many are told early on in their foray into freelancing that niching is a good idea. whilst logical it can still leave us scratching our heads about how to start, where to start, how to do it and maybe even asking if it is worth it.

In this episode, Cat Hase and I talk about finding our niches and how to discover and refine your niche. We share the value of networking, seeking external validation, and conversing with others to gain clarity. Cat reminds us to stay open to opportunities outside of the niche and the importance of aligning the niche with personal values and interests.

Cat is a creativity coach and helps facilitators and trainers to bring more play into their workshops. Cat loves designing and creating activities. her favourite question is “Do you have any ideas for…..”

In this episode we cover the following

  1. The Topic of Niching
  2. Knowing What You Want to Do
  3. Defining What You Enjoy and Don’t Enjoy
  4. The Decision to Niche
  5. Finding Your Niche
  6. The Importance of Retreats and Conversations
  7. The Moment of Clarity
  8. The Value of Conversations in Refining Your Niche
  9. Advice for Finding Your Niche
  10. Noticing Signs That Your Niche Isn’t Working
  11. Myth: Niching Means Saying No to Other Opportunities
  12. Showcasing Your Strengths Through Niching
  13. The Importance of Clear Communication and Marketing
  14. Building a Network of Niche Experts
  15. The Role of Timing in Niching and Offer Development
  16. Investing in Yourself and Your Business

My invitation to you is to grab a cuppa, join me on the pink seat and tune in your ears.


A Facilitator’s Journey is the podcast that looks at how you run your businesses as a facilitator or trainer.

You started this work because you have a passion that you want to share with organisations. However, there is the small detail that you are now running a business and this requires a whole other set of skills and knowledge.

Join me, Kirsty Lewis, Founder of School of Facilitation, as I interview trainers and facilitators about how they manage their businesses. I will explore how people run their finances, price their work, scale up, scale down, decide to retire, market themselves, manage clients, and much much more.

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