Welcome to The School of Facilitation


About Kirsty

Hi, I’m Kirsty. Welcome to the School of Facilitation, a dream I first journaled on in 2007. Just like you I was seeking camaraderie in the world of facilitation, working with corporates for the majority of my career, I was feeling the pull of real connection and people who just ‘got it’.

But, where would I find them?

After months and years of soul searching and web scouring, I realised that the solution I sought was within me! In 2014 the School of Facilitation welcomed its first members, having been gradually formulating in the background for some time. By 2017 we were supporting and encouraging facilitators and corporations from around the world.

delivery hero

“I've really valued and appreciated loads of the 'little things' that you have modelled, Kirsty, simply, naturally, intentionally, beyond the tech.

Thanks again for your work and for all you do in the world…I do believe that it is powerful beyond measure”

Rich Bellers


I’ve worked with powerhouse brands and household names, such as Diageo, Chanel and Jacob Douwe Egberts.

My own personal facilitation journey spans decades (I know, I know, I don’t look old enough!) and I’ve worked for myself for much of that time. I understand the trials and tribulations of going it alone, being an associate or facilitating within a corporate structure, because I’ve experienced those facets myself.

I wholeheartedly welcome you to the School of Facilitation - I know how much support and education you will receive here.

 So, thank you and let’s get stuck in!