First there were face to face workshops and learning, we still love them. 

Then as the world turned in 2020 we all adapted to online sessions.


How do we rise to the challenge of hybrid meetings, training and facilitation? 

What is this all about?

This 2 hour class will explore what a hybrid meeting or workshop actually is, what you need to do to plan and prepare for it and how to execute the plan. 

During the class you will explore how to lean into the technology so that it works for you vs against you, being able to take advantage of how hybrid meetings maximise inclusion and ultimately create optimum engagement for all involved.

8pm (BST) (6)

Why do I need this course?

The world of Hybrid is here to stay and we can either rally against it or lean in to our flexible mindsets as facilitators and trainers and embrace it.

Working with people in the room, managing an online meeting room and having both sets of participants experience a valuable event is a tall ask. 

Let us share with you what you need to do so that you can make the leap to hybrid with confidence.  

What is included?

Learn how to decide whether virtual, in-person or hybrid is the right solution.

Receive technical instructions and advice on how to run a hybrid event.

Walk through some of the key design principles and choices that will support you when running hybrid events.

8pm (BST) (6)

This is for you if:

This is for you if:

Your clients are asking for hybrid meetings and you don’t know where to start

You want to create hybrid meetings that engage and include everyone

You want ideas on how to use the technology effectively

You are sceptical that hybrid meetings are the answer or even possible

Price £73 + VAT

7th June 2pm UK

We are a VAT registered business. Even if you are not VAT registered you will have to pay it. Please do not ask if there is something we can do as it leads to an awkward conversation. Our classes and programmes are priced reasonably. We can always look at a payment plan

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About your facilitator

Phil Walsh started facilitating workshops in 2005.

Over 15 years he has developed his own style and become adept at engaging groups, both face to face and online.

Phil's creativity and sense of fun are a huge factor in how he facilitates. He loves the balance of meaningful fun and reflective contemplation