Join Kirsty and Kurt Lindley as they dive into the life of running a business as a facilitator, trainer, coach, and consultant. They chat about everything from juggling workloads and managing diaries to the ups and downs of cash flow. It’s a candid discussion about the importance of finding balance in both your professional and personal lives, packed with practical tips for building strong client relationships and maintaining well-being.

Kurt is from South Africa, grew up in Yorkshire and puts his family first, always. Kurt’s a bit of a procrastinator and a dreamer, always lost in thought or scribbling down poems.

In this episode, he brings his passion for learning and exploring, sharing how these traits play into his professional strategies and personal philosophies.

Kirsty and Kurt touch on several important topics:

  1. how effective workload and diary management can keep you on top of your game.
  2. strategies for keeping the financial side of your business healthy.
  3. why taking quiet periods for reflection is crucial for growth.
  4. finding the sweet spot with pricing to keep both you and your clients happy.
  5. maintaining your mental health and setting boundaries for a happier, more fulfilling career.

My invitation to you is to grab a cuppa, join me on the pink seat and tune in your ears.

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